Hot Splash


Hot Splash

Categories: 1980s, Blowjobs, J/O, Orgy, Sex, Young Men

Tanned, young, fit, horny bodies. In this vintage Toby Ross video, the cool splashes of a laid-back pool party under the hot Southern California sun soon turn into "hot splashes." Loaded with action and guys who just can't help but splash their own fresh, hot, tantalizing loads! Highlights include ass-eating in the hammock, sucking on a rubber raft, fucking on the lawn, and finally, the barbecue chef takes off his apron and joins in. Watch for David Ashfield taking pictures of himself getting a blow job and fucking a guy. As with most Toby Ross films, the guys are young: firm, trim, and hairless, with several blonds.

Featuring: Birdie, Brandon Wilde, Chris Allen, Dane Ford, David Ashfield, Jesse Koehler, Tracy Egan

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