Hot Rods


Hot Rods

Categories: 1970s, 69, Black, Blowjobs, Orgy, Sex, Young Men

The "Hot Rods" in these 6 vintage Nova scenes are attached to the hot studs fucking and sucking on and in various cars, trucks & trunks! In "Model A Makeout," Jack Wrangler is sucked off and gets down on a rough looking long-haired young man he picks up. Sexy tightie-whities, great 69ing & athletic fucking. In "Jeep Jockeys," 2 guys in a jeep pick up a hitchhiker for a threeway with lots of deep throating and rimming. "Fuck Truck" has 3 guys fucking around a 1930-something Ford pickup, big dicks & bubble butts. In "Randy Van," a black and white duo set out for an afternoon in the country in a van and fill the inside with hay to make it comfortable to fuck in. They even do a standing fuck on top of the van! A drive along the Pacific Coast Highway takes a threeway detour in an orchard in "Invertible Convertible." The owner of the orchard, rifle in hand, persuades them to include him. In "Cock Crazy Corvette," 2 hunks show their attitude in various positions around the corvette making this a real joy ride! No wonder men love their cars!

Featuring: Bill Miller, Buck Williams, Buzz Nelson, Chuck Price, Clint West, Dale Morgan, Edward Leland, George Conover, Greg Samuels, Hans Jordan, Jack Wrangler, Kip Noll, Mark Lester, Nick, Perry Quinlan, Richard Lynn, Skip Davidson, Steve Parker, Toby Laurence

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