Times Square Strip


Times Square Strip

Categories: 1980s, 69, Black, Blowjobs, Campy, Drag, J/O, Latino, Long Hair, Masculine, Sex, Story, Transgender, Young Men

Jack Deveau's last film brings an authentic story with real characters to the screen. Life is rough and the sex is steamy, from glitter to the gutter! Times Square's Gaiety Theater displays the real world of male burlesque. Cock and ball dance numbers are introduced by the costumed M.C.; shots of butch men and drag queens intertwine with sex scenes and backstage banter between performers. Like the Adonis Theater and the infamous Mineshaft, the world of Times Square is gone forever, but captured in this porn classic. "This film, Jack Deveau's last, features an attractive and diverse cast, and an exciting musical score... His passion for preserving sexuality and sensuality on screen goes unsurpassed with this near-perfect production." - Torso

Featuring: Buddy Preston, Dale Caesar, David Dion, George Sardi, Jack Moore, Jason Jacobi, Jerry Overton, Luke (from Falcon), Nick Fordham, Peter Lopez, Plato Pastel, Richard Lang, Robert Glory, Timmy, Tony West

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