Century Mining


Century Mining

Categories: 1980s, Black, Blowjobs, Masculine, Sex

A horny group of miners trapped in a mine shaft make the best of a bad situation in this Al Parker-directed release. The men who populate this gay porn movie are beyond belief. Each one is a different example of male beauty, from a beefy Italian Stallion, to a strawberry blond with a swimmer's build, to a hairy, mustachioed hunk with an unparalleled endowment. Includes hot foreskin play and ends with an out of control orgy scene. Century Mining not only rocks harder than hard but also stands as a reminder of what vintage gay sex flicks once were!

Featuring: Blake Cass, Blake McDonald, Brick, Case Harden, Chris Thompson, David Hughes, Eric Ryan, Pat Allen, Pierce Daniels, Ray Williams

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