The Experiment


The Experiment

Categories: 1970s, Blowjobs, Long Hair, Love, Sex, Story, Young Men

The Experiment deals metaphorically with self-esteem and the expression of one's true feelings through a timeless story of the shared homosexual experience of two best friends whose youthful vivacity and love for each other gives them a closer relationship than most brothers. One night, Billy Joe and his best friend Gary Lee experiment by taking turns deep throating each other's cocks. After experiencing sex in the arms of another man, Billy Joe leaves his small town for Los Angeles to explore his new-found homosexuality. Along the way, he fucks a muscular long-haired hunk and a cute rich young man. Back home, Gary Lee has a hot fuck session with a good-looking hung dude he meets in the woods. Eventually, Billy Joe realizes he must go home to tell his father the truth about himself. Both Billy's and Gary's journeys lead to acceptance, empowerment and wild sex. With lush cinematography and an exquisitely erotic initial encounter between Billy Joe and Gary, The Experiment has earned a rightful place in our cultural history.

Featuring: Gorton Hall, Jimmy Hughes, Joey Daniels, Mike Stevens

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