The Destroying Angel


The Destroying Angel

Categories: 1970s, BDSM, Blowjobs, Campy, Fetish, Horror, J/O, Masculine, Orgy, Sex, Story

"There's only one way to overcome temptation - by giving into it!" Peter de Rome brings a balanced measure of storyline, emotion, and steamy sex to this classic gay horror/porn hybrid, which is simultaneously artful, campy, and haunting. Based on a Poe story, the film focuses on Caswell Campbell, a priest on sabbatical, torn between the call of the cloth and his pent-up feelings. Religious repression leads to internal - and physical - fragmentation as Caswell repeatedly glimpses his sexually ravenous doppelganger and is drawn into a bizarre underworld of supernatural sex, with rough man-sex, spanking, circle jerks, food play, and other kinky, surreal, stylized sex scenes abounding! Moody photography by Jack Deveau and excellent music selections enhance the film's atmosphere and it culminates "in a nerve-shattering climax of frenzied emotion" (Torso Magazine). A one-of-a-kind film that you truly have to see to believe!

Featuring: Alain Monceau, Bill Eld (aka Bill Young), Billy White, Evan De Braye, Gian-Paolo Cotto, Glenn Middleton, Paul Eden, Philip Darden, Rick Scott, Thom Aaron, Tim Kent

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