Love a Man With a Mustache 2


Love a Man With a Mustache 2

Categories: 1970s, 1980s, Black, Blowjobs, Latino, Masculine, Sex

Mustaches: sexy, masculine, rugged, rebellious, sophisticated. This is a vintage gay sex video compilation of some of the hottest scenes in the Bijou catalog featuring men with mustaches. Scenes from: Rangers, Screenplay, Old Reliable 56: Basic Black #5, Hardhat, Giants 2, Non-Stop, Uniform Fantasies, and Bullet Videopac 8.

Featuring: Adam Mitchell, Chris West, Daniel Holt, Derrick Stanton, George Broadway, Jon King, Josh Kincaid, Kevin Hunt, Mark Edwards, Nick Rodgers, Robert Vega, Rod Mitchell, Romeo, Steve Collins, U.S. Marine Jake

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