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Categories: 1990s, Black, Blowjobs, Fetish, Latino, Masculine, Sex

Rough sex, domination, wrestling, a daddy cop, armpit-licking, hairy masculine men, raunchy love, and "real" type blue collar guys fucking and sucking in a San Francisco wood shop. Star daddy Marco appears in the final reel and turns in a hot performance as a cop who needs more things polished than his gun. The video also features: anal/oral sex, rimming, fingering, manly kissing, bald guys, black guys, red bushes, bush pits, a police uniform, gun-licking, Italian guys, and hairy chests. Real dudes who suck and fuck with enthusiasm! Of particular interest to anyone with a hairy Italian Dad complex.

Featuring: Dylan Rage, Earl Utah, Jeffrey Devons, Joe, Marco, Tony Bullet

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