The Last Surfer


The Last Surfer

Categories: 1980s, Blowjobs, J/O, Love, Sex, Story, Young Men

This follow-up to Toby Ross' "Cruisin' 57" takes you back to the last age of innocence - the 1960's. Shot on location in Southern California, director Toby Ross rewrites history assisted by a cast of fresh, young faces. The young men of Southern California are tearfully putting away their surfboards and reluctantly going to war. The sexual encounters are flushed with that special brand of innocence that has become the trademark of Toby Ross. A time capsule of the American youth culture of the time, this nostalgic film brings back an era that is now just a sweet memory.

Featuring: Broderick Sterling, Claudette Folger, Daniel Holt, Jake Scott, Jeff Folger, Kathi Stewart, Michael Christopher, Paul Camrose, Stefen Peach, Tad Ryan, Tony Roco

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