Good Hot Stuff


Good Hot Stuff

Categories: 1970s, Bisexual, Black, Blowjobs, Campy, Documentary, Drag, Long Hair, Orgy, Sex, Story

A documentary (narrated by porn star Mark Woodward) about Hand in Hand Films, the pioneer gay movie company that first appeared in 1972. This is a history of the New York-based studio and how its three founders (Jack Deveau, Robert Alvarez and Jaap Penraat) dedicated themselves to moviemaking. In addition to hot sex segments from several films, there are a lot of behind-the-scenes explanations of how adult films are made, interviews, and unreleased material (including bloopers, outtakes, and a scene from the never-completed James Bidgood film Beyond These Doors, in production at the time Good Hot Stuff was being filmed). A Bijou exclusive that is timeless and important historically in gay filmmaking.

Featuring: Al Mineo, Alexis Knight, Archie Gresham, Bill Eld (aka Bill Young), Brian Destazio, Christopher Rage (Mary Jim Sstunning), Coke Hennessy, David Savage, Dennis Walsh (Brian Haines), Garry Hunt, Henk Van Dijk, Jaap Penraat, Jack Deveau, Jamal Jones, Kirk Luna, Mark Woodward, Michael Kade (Frank Ross), Nick Kastroff, Peter de Rome, Robert Alvarez, Robert Rikas

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