Men Of The Midway


Men Of The Midway

Categories: 1980s, Black, Orgy, Sex, Story

Here is a unique vintage gay porn film of youth being debased in the gaudy world of carny folks. A reviewer at Studflix writes: "The best thing about Men of the Midway isn't the fact that it has a real-life carnival as its backdrop or that it's the first real feature-length talkie for Tim Kramer, but the fact that it attempts to tell a story worth telling. It isn't about lovers, orgies, kink, or sex in public places. It's about jealousy, greed, trust, honesty and revenge.... And its sex trips are varied too. Everything from dildo diddling to a gangbang."

Featuring: Beau Matthews, Bruce McDonald, Chris Burns, Donkey Man, Jack Strider, Jeff Powers, Paul Barresi, Tim Kramer

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