Kept After School


Kept After School

Categories: 1980s, 69, Blowjobs, J/O, Orgy, Sex, Young Men

This Nova Production is unique in that it is erotic while maintaining a humorous edge throughout; not to mention that is a full-length feature with some of the sexiest men on display engaged in incredible non-stop action! Hot sex talk, a dirty magazine, and gallons of cum begin to be spilled once the teacher stops keeping his eye on his class. It is then that the half-dozen horny young studs get their sex on. Students eat ass, scuff oversized hard-ons down throats and up buttholes, and end up gangbanging the teacher once hediscovers their wet-with-cum, sweaty bodies at work!

Featuring: Buddy Hill, Doug Mason, Hans Mueller, Jeff Hunter, Mike Barnes, Steve Troy

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