Categories: 1970s, Campy, Fetish, Horror, Leather, Masculine, Sex

An exceptional film in the vintage gay porn genre that seriously and artistically attempts to bring grandeur, beauty and complexity to the blue movie. Using a mirror as primary inspiration, director Michael Zen draws from a deep well of symbol and myth to bring back an electrifying erotic experience. Features a fearsome bird-headed man with magical powers, a possibly nefarious shaman, stunningly photographed solo sequences, deliciously ambiguous sexual roughness, and lots of gooey cum eating. A rare treat that every lover of erotica should see at least once! Followed by the short film Tattoo (C. Michael McCullough, 1974), originally often double-billed with Falconhead.

Featuring: Adrian Wade, Anthony Lee (aka Tony Lee), Buddha Jon, Danny Lyon (aka Marc Taylor aka Mike Daniels aka Mark), Joe Dietrich, Rich Johnson, Sabato Fiorello, Vince Perelli

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