Baby Its You


Baby Its You

Categories: 1990s, Love, Sex, Story

A gay porn tale of love, devotion and relationships from the plot-master, Toby Ross, who continues his tradition of tight-paced filmmaking and intensified storytelling, but breaks with his tradition of exclusively using baby-faced models. Although all of his models are studly, few are in the "baby-faced" category. Here, big-lipped Ken Holtz knows he's in love with cutie-pie Scott Masters but doesn't know if he's ready to be totally monogamous and to say the "c-word," commitment. To end any doubts, Ken and Scott spend a weekend apart, having flings and sex "among friends," while developing a thirst for each other and their perfect relationship. Ken spends some time at work, flirts with the dark-black skinned receptionist, and heads for an extra-long lunch sucking Patrick Murphy's big dick under a bridge over the Chicago river as traffic rushes over their heads.

Featuring: Brad Hunt, Cory Cox, Ken Holtz, Kevin Rogers, Logan Porter, Mark Paul, Patrick Murphy, Scott Masters

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