Scared Stiff


Scared Stiff

Categories: 1970s, 1980s, Campy, Fetish, Horror, Leather, Masculine, Sex

Sexy, Scary, Supernatural! You will shiver with fright and delight and truly be "scared stiff" when you watch this compilation of classic sex scenes of a terrifying, otherworldy nature. Ghost sex, erotic occult rituals, men lurking in darkened alleys, nightmarish visions, vampires looking to suck anything, and wild dungeon orgies. Features scenes from Gayracula, Getting It, Inches, Night of the Occultist, Strictly Forbidden, Four in Hand, A Ghost of a Chance, Centurians of Rome, The Destroying Angel, Needles and Pins, Erotic Hands, and Falconhead.

Featuring: Al Parker, Anthony Lee (aka Tony Lee), Bill Eld (aka Bill Young), Bo Richards, Buddha Jon, Dino Hard, George Payne, Glenn Brock, Jimmy Hughes, Joe Dietrich, Leather Rick, Roy Clark, Shawn Michaels, Steve Collins, Steve Taylor, The Ghost, Thomas Jeffries, Tim Kent, Tim Kramer, Vince Perelli

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