Four In Hand


Four In Hand

Categories: 1980s, Blowjobs, Young Men

A better-than-average release from Nova thanks to huge orgasms, improved quality in filming, and their standard plotless, all-action segments with dubbed background music. Buff it Up features Pat Fulton and Tige McMasters as floor-cleaning men who suck 69 style and fuck each other, forgetting all about the floors. Workmen's Comp features Derek Novak as a painter who spills paint all over himself and decides to clean up in Russ Hatfield's shower. He's jerking off his large meat in the shower when Russ walks in and decides to give him a hand - and a mouth. They e69 on the floor, and soon Derek's cock is up Russ's asshole. Ross Franklin is The Friend in Need who asks Mark Newman's help and gets helped into bed instead. They 69, then Marc flips Ross over and shoves his cock into him. There's a Twilight Zone quality about The Spirit is Willing. After handsome Bo Richards and Dino Hard part ways for the night, their spirits arise from their bodies for a steamy sexual encounter. Bo rams right into Dino over the sofa. After this "spiritual sex," the two rejoin to have at each other in the flesh - ending with Dino exploding onto Bo's face.

Featuring: Bo Richards, Derek Novak, Dino Hart, Marc Newman, Pat Fulton, Ross Franklin, Russ Hatfield, Tige McMasters

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