Night Of The Occultist


Night Of The Occultist

Categories: 1970s, BDSM, Blowjobs, Campy, Fetish, Horror, J/O, Leather, Long Hair, Masculine, Sex, Young Men

This strange, campy classic is a mini study of mores and coming out, mixed with the everyman's supposed unexplored homosexuality, mysticism, sexology, ritual, and blatant lust. A historical oddity and an intriguing piece of gay pornography influenced by 1960's avant-garde film, this early '70s release features a variety of scenes: solos, skinny blond go-go boys dancing on stage, ritualistic group sex in ancient Egypt, a blowjob at a dirty bookstore, and an eerie red-lit leather orgy.

Featuring: Charles Segrest, Clark Holloway, Doug Howard, Gareth Burton, Hal Holden, Hill Carson, Jerry Holland, Lawrance Fuller, Mark Wesley, Paul Powers, Quave Dalton, Ricardo Velez, Richard Ford, Shawn Taylor, Terry Johns, Wayne Farmer

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