Wanted: Billy the Kid


Wanted: Billy the Kid

Categories: 1970s, Bisexual, Black, Blowjobs, Campy, Fetish, J/O, Masculine, Sex, Story

This vintage gay porn masterpiece from Jack Deveau stars dazzling "Mr. Bare America" winner Dennis Walsh as a good-looking, resourceful New York actor who has combined his theatrical instincts, need for money, and over-active sex drive into a career as a hustler. He cultivates his clientele: a youthful British businessman, his surly landlord, a dentist (a dildoing dentist at that!), a swinging married couple, a man interested in athletic sex, a virgin suburbanite, and a midnight phone sex caller. Features an astounding variety of sex acts. A beautiful and beguiling blue movie!

Featuring: Compton Payne, Darc Traid, Dennis Walsh (Brian Haines), John Meyers, John Tyme, Larry Marsland, Mark Ekwall, Mark Woodward, Megan Ross, Peter Thadliski, Rene, Ron Leigh

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