Spanish Harlem Knights 2


Spanish Harlem Knights 2

Categories: 1990s, Big Dick, Blowjobs, J/O, Latino, Sex, Story

Impish Julio Nieves serves as the central character, a Puerto Rican New Yorker (who discovers that his body is marketable, but his soul is not) in this dramatic vintage gay porn movie from Latino Fan Club. One Bijou reviewer wrote: "A compelling, if unevenly plotted, story filled with gritty realism, drama, and good sex, albeit not the best sex Latino Fan Club has to offer. As with many of Brian Brennan's 'message' films, Spanish Harlem Knights actually exploits the very stereotypes that it attempts to expose. That said, if you have a weakness for men who are caramel brown and bad to the bone, no other vintage studio does it like Brennan."

Featuring: Carlos Tijera, Flaco Cabezon, Jason Robles, Jorge Fuentes, Julio Nieves, M. Vic Mann, Raphael Bonito, Rico Suave, T.J. Colon, Tony Fontana, Tony Reyes

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