Categories: 1990s, Black, Blowjobs, Campy, Latino, Masculine, Sex, Story

Complete with cheesy sci-fi graphics, this parody of The Terminator is full of humor and intensity! Steven Gibson beams down to L.A. and runs into Chris Stone and Aaron Fiero. He removes their clothes and watches them suck and fuck. Next, he knocks on Cory Evans's door and pushes his crotch into his face. Cory takes dick and begs for more. A beautiful black couple, Rio Belfonte and Rick Pantera, are turned on by this news and jump each other's bones. The Sperminator chases down his target, cute Randy Mixer, and Randy White, Mixer's hero from the future. Cornered, they sperminate each other!

Featuring: Aaron Fiero, Chris Stone, Cory Evans, Randy Mixer , Randy White, Rick Pantera, Rio Belafonte, Steven Gibson

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