Always Ready


Always Ready

Categories: 1980s, BDSM, Blowjobs, Fetish, J/O, Latino, Leather, Masculine, Sex, Young Men

This vintage porn features a series of sex fantasies. A chauffeur (Casey Donovan) drives home, strips out of his tuxedo in front of a mirror, and the mirror image takes on a life of its own. A porn ad and bathtub soak start him dreaming: action takes place in an office's busy men's room; a man is blown by a chained, leather-hooded guy in a warehouse; two young men suck dick and J/O in a limo. Back at work, Donovan picks up a business man from his dream. Older and younger guys, light bondage, big cocks, and good photography from Wakefield Poole, Toby Ross, and Ed Bennett.

Featuring: Carrie Reynolds, Casey Donovan, Donna Mack, James Gallo, John Taylor, Lou Davis, Louie Moscoso, Luke, Richard Post, Rick Madison, William Winer

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