The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome


The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome

Categories: 1970s, BDSM, Black, Blowjobs, Campy, Fetish, J/O, Long Hair, Love, Sex, Story

A collection of eight short films from brilliant filmmaker Peter de Rome. Artistic, erotic, experimental, entertaining, humorous, homoerotic, romantic, daring, and explosive, these classic gay porn films boast both an artistic appeal and feature a variety of natural, dangerous and intriguing manhood! Featured films are: Double Exposure, The Second Coming, Green Thoughts, Hot Pants, Daydreams from a Crosstown Bus, Mumbo Jumbo, Underground, and Prometheus. "It ranks high on the list of all-time classics and boasts an artistic achievement that puts most mainstream productions to shame. They just don't make 'em like this any more." - Adult Video News "A Gay Porn Masterpiece.... He has an eye, and a feeling for film rhythm, this Peter de Rome, as well as a visual understanding of the coordinates of gay existence ..." - Chicago Reader

Featuring: Robert Rikas, Uncredited

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