Bullet Gold, Volume 2


Bullet Gold, Volume 2

Categories: 1980s, Blowjobs, J/O, Masculine, Sex, Western

A sizzling hot vintage gay porn compilation highlighting beautiful men, sex, and locales in the sunny Californian outdoors. These men are loaded, waiting, and still the best! Volume 2 preserves for us a uniquely free time in the development of gay eroticism and film. You can't lose with this collection of gay sex culled from early 1980s films. Sections of this vintage gay porn are devoted to sucking, rimming, and fucking. In the Bullet Gold compilation series, there are scenes repeated between each of the three volumes.

Featuring: Adam Adams, Barry Hoffman, Bo Gantry, Brian Dexter, Bruno, Bud Olsen, Bull Dozier, Chuck Samson, Dak, Ed Wiley (aka Myles Longue), Eric Ryan, George Broadway, Glen Dime, Jeff Cameron, Jeff Carson, Jeff Converse, Jeremy Brent, Joey DiSilva, John Colby, Josh Kincaid, Kyle Hazard

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