College Jocks


College Jocks

Categories: 1980s, Athletes, Blowjobs, Latino, Masculine, Sex

This vintage gay porn video elevates virile athletes to god-like status, in which every inch of the supple bodies should be tasted and savored. The campy premise features an author telling tales of the erotic adventures of pretty athletes. Jockstrap-wearing men fondle each other's springy "javelins" with fingers and nimble tongues. A mustached Latino man leisurely tongues a blond's erect dick. A lot of body worship is depicted as toes are sucked, legs are kissed, piss slits are licked, and asses are eaten, and off course, there's your basic fucking and sucking, too.

Featuring: Buck Green, David Ashfield, Gador, Jamie Shapire, Jeremy Scott, Jim McDonald, Kenneth Weyerhaeuser, Magdalana Montezuma Montez, Mark Edwards, Rusty, Terry Price

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