College Jocks


College Jocks

Categories: 1980s, Athletes, Blowjobs, Latino, Masculine, Sex

This vintage gay porn video focuses on virile athletes. The campy premise features an author telling tales of the erotic adventures of a bunch of horny jocks. Jockstrap-wearing young men fondle each other's springy "javelins" with fingers and nimble tongues. A mustached Latino man leisurely tongues a blond's erect dick. Threeway kissing, fucking, and voyeurism take place in a gym. A lot of body worship is depicted as toes are sucked, legs are kissed, piss slits are licked, and asses are eaten - and, of course, there's your basic fucking and sucking, too! Cast includes ‘80s favorites Jeremy Scott and David Ashfield.

Featuring: Buck Green, David Ashfield, Gador, Jamie Shapire, Jeremy Scott, Jim McDonald, Kenneth Weyerhaeuser, Magdalana Montezuma Montez, Mark Edwards, Rusty, Terry Price

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