The Wild Guys


The Wild Guys

Categories: 1980s, Blowjobs, J/O, Long Hair, Sex, Young Men

Anyone who's ever watched a vintage Robert Prion movie knows what kind of men he features in his movies. They are not your everyday gays, hell, many of them aren't even the kind of low lives you'd expect from Old Reliable. These guys have mullets and heavy New Joisey accents. They're also quite wonderful to watch; they fuck and suck without self-consciousness. This is a no-plot, cum-drenched video featuring big-dicked young gay guys getting it on, and some older/younger pairings (including one between Prion himself and his terribly cute ?nephew?).

Featuring: Dan Stephens, J.D. Corbins, J.R. Forte, Jay Richards, Kevin Michaels, Vince Janos

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