Miss Continental Pageant 1984


Miss Continental Pageant 1984

Categories: 1980s, Black, Drag, Latino, Transgender

A recording of the Miss Continental pageant, a long-running drag competition, founded in 1980, which takes place in Chicago's Baton Lounge. In this 1984 contest, founder Jim Flint wears formal attire to preside over well-established pageant routines and spunky Cherine Alexander becomes the stunned winner. In a talent show of elaborate numbers, she performs the most unforgettable one: surrounded by fog and black male dancers, Cherine strips to a briefer costume (as do the dancers). She is then put in a cage which is covered, turned, and uncovered to reveal a real leopard instead of Cherine! A vintage video from the Male Entertainment Network (MEN), who documented LGBTQ history and '80s gay life in a unique fashion.

Featuring: Alana Kela, Cherine Alexander, Jim Flint

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