Miss Continental Pageant 1984


Miss Continental Pageant 1984

Categories: 1980s, Asian, Black, Documentary, Drag, Latino, Transgender

A full recording of 1984's Miss Continental Pageant, founded in 1980, taking place at Chicago's Baton Lounge. In this year's contest documentation, founder Jim Flint wears formal attire to preside over well-established pageant routines and popular trans entertainer Cherine Alexander becomes the stunned winner. In a talent show of fun and elaborate numbers, she performs the most unforgettable one, involving skimpily attired male dancers and a magic trick transforming Cherine into a real leopard! Cherine also shares a Miss Congeniality award with trans model and performer Alana Kela, who competed in the Miss Continental Pageant several times, making it into the top five twice and winning Miss Congeniality two additional times. A vintage video presented by the Male Entertainment Network (MEN), who documented LGBTQ history and 1980s LGBTQ life in a unique fashion.

Featuring: Alana Kela, Cherine Alexander, Jim Flint

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