San Francisco


San Francisco

Categories: 1980s, Blowjobs, J/O, Masculine, Sex, Story

J. W. King shows why he was the king of gay sex films with his enthusiastic sucking, fucking, and kissing in this amiable, excellently photographed gay sex film! A young Colorado man, swim-built Scott Andersen, sets out to meet his idol, porn star J.W. King. While hitchhiking, uncut Andersen is "made" to suck off a highway patrolman. In San Francisco, Andersen looks for King and witnesses sex in a gym and a movie theater. There's also a torrid duo between King and Keith Allen in an alleyway. Andersen ends the flick by going back to the gym, where he finally makes it with his idol.

Featuring: Clint Lockner, David Wilcox, J.W. King, Keith Allen , Mickey Squires, Miles Mitchell, Scott Anderson, Will Seagers (Matt Harper)

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