Behind the Greek Door


Behind the Greek Door

Categories: 1970s, BDSM, Blowjobs, Fetish, Leather, Masculine, Sex

Gary is pledging to the Chi-Alpha-Chi fraternity and six guys hold his future in their hands. They decide to give him a try if he manages to pass their stiff initiation. This old chestnut features a young (and very hairy) Clay Russell and Shawn Everette starring as pledge brothers initiated into a fraternity. Sex, light bondage, and paddling ensue. The film ends with a full-blown orgy, in which Shawn alternately sucks five frat brothers and gets his Crisco-lubed ass fucked. A leather-clad man fucks him with a dildo. Four of the brothers group for mutual fuck/suck action.

Featuring: Clay Russell, Shawn Everette

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