Terrible Trilogy


Terrible Trilogy

Categories: 1980s, BDSM, Blowjobs, Campy, Fetish, Leather, Masculine, Young Men

Too absurd to miss! A perverted, twisted Slave and Master video, featuring bondage, flogging, enemas, and the only male childbirth ever recorded. You'll never think of poor Bert from Sesame Street the same way again. Leather Rick systematically flogs a man with a number of cock and ball piercings. A younger man is suspended above a bathtub, given wine up his ass, and is pissed on by eight men, all while he also sucks their cocks. A doctor delivers a "baby" from Donut's ass, spanking it with a leather paddle. Seeing is believing

Featuring: Donut, Dr. Bob, Leather Rick, Lyonis, Snip

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