Categories: 1980s, Blowjobs, Latino, Masculine, Orgy, Sex, Young Men

Nine scenes featuring sixteen sexually "addickted" young men who are treated with T.L.C. (meaning tender, loving cock) in this vintage Robert Prion gay porn video. The "addickted" first appear in a circle jerk. Other noteworthy scenes include a three-way with gorgeous muscle-man Sean Cruise; avid lovemaking on a kitchen floor between mature Jay Richards and youthful Darren; and a four-way daisy chain of two fuckers and two cock-suckers. Also highlights a couple of redheads, a baby-faced Latino man, ball licking, kissing, and big, wet orgasms.

Featuring: Bryon Rogers, Dan Stephens, Darren Thomas, Dave Thompkins aka David Thompson, Eric Carter, J.D. Corbins, Jay Richards, Keith Holman, Marc Kelly, Matt Storm, Paul Jacobs, Raul José, Robb Marsh, Sean Cruise, Ted Newman, Vince Janos

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