Black Pack


Black Pack

Categories: 1980s, Big Dick, Black, Blowjobs, Masculine, Sex

A well-shot, well-produced Frank Ross porn classic about the Black Pack - a hustlers' club. Butch Jackson and Sport conduct a very thorough, very intimate interview of a new guy who wants in on the club. A black man in a jockstrap gets a massage from a white man, then they swap blowjobs and jack off. Handsome, muscular Joe Simmons and a uniformed attendant exchange blow jobs and jacking-off in an elevator. B.J. Simpson and a cute younger guy get it on in an apartment. A Satellite Video that's big on cock size, close-ups, and muscle. Underwear and asshole fingering also featured.

Featuring: B.J. Simpson, Butch Jackson, Damian Harris, Jeff Johnson, Jim Benson, Joe Simmons, Johnnie Valentine, Sport

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