Categories: 1970s, 69, BDSM, Blowjobs, Campy, Drag, Fetish, Horror, Leather, Long Hair, Orgy, Sex, Story

This superb, and highly ambitious, vintage gay porn film sports a cast of 50 and a wild scheme to rid the world of sex! The strong story has the mad Arachne (Christopher Rage, billed here as Mary Jim Sstunning, giving a great performance in Dietrich-esque drag) plotting to kidnap a scientist (Mark Woodward) who's developed a process to eliminate the sex drive, which Arachne plans to unleash upon the world. But secret agent Clark (Kirk Luna) is on the case! Great photography and editing, a fun disco sequence, excellent original music, wild orgiastic sex scenes, fisting, bondage, and creative visuals add to this stand-out, and quite unusual, early 1970's creation, well-preserved in this Bijou re-release. Highlights hippie nostalgia, beards, fur-covered bodies, special effects, and willing men bound for love.

Featuring: Brian Destazio, Christopher Rage (Mary Jim Sstunning), Frank Ventgen, Harvey Shamber, Jaap Penraat, Jack Brusca, John Fromme, Kirk Luna, Mark Woodward, Michael Corrigan, Peter de Rome, Peter Fersen, Richard Abel, S.V. Newman, Shawn Roberts, Stan Glinter

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