Mystic Museum


Mystic Museum

Categories: 1990s, 69, Black, Blowjobs, Campy, Latino, Orgy, Sex

Lon Flexx's buddies blindfold him and take him to a wax museum so he can finally lose his virginity on his twenty-fifth birthday (on Halloween!), and the night is full of surprises as the historical and fictional wax figures cum alive after dark! What follows are encounters of the erotic kind with a mummy, the Three Musketeers, a southern gentleman, a spaceman, and more. With fun tongue-in-cheek and camp moments, excellent and believable sets and costumes, and some of the hottest male stars of the era, this entertaining and sexy video directed by Edward Lee (aka star Gino Colbert) is a great take on its fun premise.

Featuring: Brian Estevez, Gino Colbert, Grant King, Hans Mueller, Jake Corbin, Kevin Young, Les Stine, Lon Flexx, Matthew Windsor, Peter Wilder, Randy Cochran, Roberto Arias, Ted Cox, Tony Davis, Victor Love

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