More Hot Rods


More Hot Rods

Categories: 1980s, 69, Blowjobs, Masculine, Sex, Young Men

The hot rods in this Nova flick are both the cars and the cocks! "Roadside Rescue" finds Bill Lake and Tim Taylor in a vignette about a hot stud with a camper and heavy equipment who helps a very appreciative young man in need. In "Illegal Entry" (Ron Stevens, Paul Mackie and Chris Dean), a highway patrolman discovers a couple of young farmers getting it on in the back of a pickup and demands service. "Fiat Factor" (Eric Svensen and Rick Scott) shows the ease of finding a willing companion when driving in a sharp, sporty convertible. "A Clean Machine" features Wes Harding and Don Layman breaking into a water fight while cleaning their van, which is resolved when a fat nine-inch hose takes over. "Down the Back Road" features Ken Carter as a beachbound young surfer who hits a detour and finds handsome hiker Guy Delys. In "Packard Parts" (Todd Russell and Eric Clement), some surprising finds are encountered during a junkyard search.

Featuring: Bill Lake, Chris Dean, Don Layman, Eric Clement, Eric Svensen, Guy Delys, Ken Carter, Paul Mackie, Rick Scott, Ron Stevens, Tim Taylor, Todd Russell, Wes Harding

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