Mr. Drummer Finals 1987


Mr. Drummer Finals 1987

Categories: 1980s, BDSM, Black, Blowjobs, Documentary, Fetish, Historical, J/O, Leather, Masculine, Military, Western

Full of hot leather guys and also historically significant, this documentation captures erotic fantasies performed by finalists in the 1987 Mr. Drummer competition. Sexy and entertaining, performances feature food play; uniforms; cowboys; leather gear; flogging; solo, partnered, and group scenes; live sex acts; and more! One of the best, and most realistic, performances is by Mark Alexander, a star of The Leather Report, Mr. Southern California Drummer, and Mr. Drummer 1987, who commendably demonstrates safer sex. The awards are given by Tony DeBlase, Drummer's new publisher at the time, and by Mike Murray, Mr. Drummer 1986. The latter sports a mohawk and urges the audience to jack off on his picture in Drummer magazine! A sexy and intriguing release from great documenters of '80s gay culture/history, the Male Entertainment Network (MEN).

Featuring: Mark Alexander, Mike Murray, Tony DeBlase, Uncredited

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