A Winter's Tail


A Winter\'s Tail

Categories: 1980s, BDSM, Fetish, Leather

What begins as a humorously detached winter excursion into Chicago's Bijou Theater as it looked in the early 80s ends up being an ascent up a spiral staircase into Tartarus that includes a very heavy fisting and dildo scene which climaxes in bare feet, yes bare feet, inserted into bottomless maws. Transitions between segments are jarring and disorienting and scenes sometimes end up as dark and murky images, but these lend this particularly intense Slave & Master release a sleazy and unhinged quality and the setting is historically interesting and may evoke nostalgia in some viewers. Only after entering Bijou's play area does our initial character lose his sarcastic attitude and become excited and apprehensive. The Skulls are there, he says, and he is sure "something spectacular" will happen. Yes, it does, as he is leashed, stripped, and roughed up by an arrogant top with dark beard, whose harness-clad companion is also humiliated. The two subs are separately, then simultaneously, penetrated with fists in a sling, then they are connected, ass-to-ass, with a monstrous dildo, before being stuffed with their Master's feet. The scene overall begins with an anticipatory, yet almost surrealistic quiet, but the cries and curses really get intense, evoking images of Dante's Inferno. Atypical or typical night at the old Bijou? Let the viewer decide!

Featuring: Donny, Donut, Dr. Bob

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