Tough Competition


Tough Competition

Categories: 1980s, Athletes, Big Dick, Blowjobs, J/O, Sex, Young Men

Kyle Carrington, in his premier performance, stars as America's brightest hope for the 400 meter freestyle swimming competition in the World Sports Games. He wins the gold – and that's not all this young, hot swimmer receives. From the pool to the locker room, Kyle quickly learns that everybody loves a winner! Just as the roar of the crowd begins to fade, the steamy adulation begins, as a famous sportscaster, his teammates, and even strangers in a parking lot admire his enormous talent. Gold medal performances are nothing new to this hunky all-American cast!

Featuring: David Leslie, Doug Weston, Jeffrey Lanse, Jim Bentley, Joey Roma, Kyle Carrington, Mark Jennings, Rydar Hanson, Scott Avery, Steve Kolis

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