On Your Knees


On Your Knees

Categories: 1980s, Black, Drag, Fetish, Love, Story

An irreverent romantic comedy, this campy softcore religious satire by David Stuart (of the Man's Hand spanking series) is entertaining – and very sweet. There are no explicit sex scenes in this 1987 San Francisco production, but it contains plenty of cheeky humor and romance, with fetishes and an extended sensual erotic sequence sprinkled in. A televangelist preaches hellfire and damnation to try to raise a profit while the Pope and Cardinal spend time dancing and dallying. Sister Philis and Brother Ignoratious get into spats and are paid a visit by a kinky “man in uniform." Brother John (porn star and mainstream/b-movie actor Kevin Glover) is spotted by a charming fairy, Puck (Samm Gray), who teaches him about enjoying life, love, and his physical form. “Candid humor and satire. A gorgeous young monk discovers sex with a visiting fairy. Monty Python with a little Shakespeare tossed in.” - The Advocate. “A naughty spoof of religious life with enough areas of special interest struck to be deliciously offensive to almost everyone! Witty, charming.” - Drummer. Written and directed by David Stuart.

Featuring: Alan Herman, Andre Prizmich, Kenneth Robert Dixon, Kevin Glover, Mike Mac Larnan, Paul Sagan, Robert Paul Anthony, Samm Gray

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