Teasin' 'n' Pleasin'


Teasin\' \'n\' Pleasin\'

Categories: 69, Blowjobs, Masculine, Sex

Robert Prion presents another collection of scenes featuring some of his favorite Jersey guys in this action-packed sex video! A variety of men star (a few hairy daddies in their forties, a few cute younger guys, some toned guys, and some with more average/natural physiques), engaging in pairings and threeways. Kyle Douglas and Jay Richards take a romantic boat ride, then head home to suck, rim and fuck each other. Sebastian Jaymz and Ricky Hanson enthusiastically fuck on the couch. Jay Richards returns to get it on with Ty Grimaldi under the Christmas tree. Blain Baxter and Dillon Daily seduce their realtor, Loren McLeod, into a threeway. And finally, cute Jody Bennett and his 9-inch cock lure Kyle Douglas into some action.

Featuring: Blain Baxter, Dillon Daily, Jay Richards, Jody Bennett, Kyle Douglas, Loren McLeod, Ricky Hanson, Sebastian Jaymz, Ty Grimaldi

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