I Do!


I Do!

Categories: 1980s, Blowjobs, Sex, Straight Scene, Young Men

A charming Steve Scott-directed classic with a hot cast including several '80s greats! Who's the best man at this wedding? Practically all of them, judging from what goes on before the ceremony even begins and the groom says... I DO. Bobby, the brother of the bride (cute, wide-eyed blond, Jeff Carson), arranges for the groom and his best man (Andy Fuller and Dean London) to engage in plenty of pre-marital mansex with the help of a barber, a tailor, a caterer, a couple of limo drivers, and a photographer!

Featuring: Andy Fuller, Beau Matthews, Bob Emory, Brian Nichols, Dean London, Jeff Carson, Joe Marconi, Linda Martin, Mark Reynolds, Rick Faulkner, Steve Collins, Tim Kramer

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