Erotic Explorer


Erotic Explorer

Categories: 1990s, Blowjobs, Love, Sex, Story

This Bijou Video production by director Josh Schafer is a wonderful combination of fuck flick and introspective, moody art piece, following an intimate duo as they journey on the path of sexual bliss towards ecstasy. A playful opening has Schafer sharing literate conversation with his lover, tousle-haired and gentle Reese Myers, whereby the "second sexual revolution -- sex as art" is discussed, as are both men's fantasies. Reese gets to live out his ultimate fantasy, the night-time seduction of his straight roommate, tall and manly Wolf Garrett. The tension and anxiety of this undertaking is brought to the fore by Reese's tentative movements and genuine, pensive internal conversation, as well as by Schafer's subtle lighting and staging. What is left to the viewer is whose dream is realized, Reese's or Wolf's. Intimacy has Josh taking Reese even further along their path of discovery as they lose themselves in one another, body and soul. Impassioned kisses and hypnotic full body caresses lead to exquisitely tender blow jobs and deliciously slow love-making and finally, explosive, never-ending orgasms. Schafer eloquently marries feelings to stunning, lust drenched images in this revealing, artistic triumph. "Although it does not have all the answers, Erotic Explorer asks all the right questions about sexually explicit art." -- Manshots, May 1996

Featuring: Josh Schafer, Reese Myers, Wolf Garrett

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