That Boy Next Door


That Boy Next Door

Categories: 1980s, 69, Blowjobs, Sex, Young Men

Classic Nova shorts featuring the horny and hung in a variety of settings! Tony Craig goes to his friend Guy Tait's house for a swim. When Guy comes home, Tony greets him in the buff and they 69 before Guy fucks him by the pool and again in his bedroom. Both men get loads in the face before they're through. Navy man Steve Cox sucks Jay Bolin's cock through his boxer shorts in the woods and Jay fucks him hard. They go home, where they suck each other off, 69, Jay rims Steve's hole, and they fuck. Rick Steele and Larry Ford are both looking for an apartment. Ken Carter shows Rick the house and ends up fucking him. Pete Watson shows Larry around and ends up on the receiving end of Larry's cock. But it's Larry who's on the receiving end of Ken's jet stream of jism, which flies into his face. The actors are typical Nova young men, well-endowed and handsome.

Featuring: Guy Tait, Jay Bolin, Ken Carter, Larry Ford, Pete Watson, Rick Steele, Steve Cox, Tony Craig

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