Bad Boys


Bad Boys

Categories: 1970s, 69, BDSM, Blowjobs, Masculine, Orgy, Sex

Johnny Dawes joins a street gang in this 1979 Tom DeSimone (aka Lancer Brooks) classic. Dawes seeks solace in the company of The Red Devils, but he has to get fucked by everyone in the gang in order to join. The next day, gang leader Tony (Dick Miller) sends two of his meanest henchmen to break into a warehouse, where they're caught by a security officer and teach him that these men are not average crooks. However, they return to rhe Red Devils' den empty-handed and Tony has these henchman make it up to him by sucking his cock and munching on his hairy ass, then punishes Dawes and two other gang members for skimming some cash from a heist. Having had enough of their leader, the Red Devils devise a plan to turn the tables on their vicious boss and surprise him, which involves a gangbanging. Full of rough and wild group sex, this is an action-packed '70s classic.

Featuring: Derrick Stanton, Dick Miller, Guy DeSilva, Guy Lance, Guy Silva, Johnny Dawes

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