Dust Unto Dust


Dust Unto Dust

Categories: 1970s, 69, Blowjobs, Long Hair, Love, Native American, Sex, Story, Western

This Tom DeSimone masterpiece transcends the usual gay porn movie by carefully integrating a well-written story, superior cinematography and music, and sexual action into a stunning classic. A bearded white settler lives alone out in the desert until he is discovered by two beautiful Native American brothers, No Name and Broken Wing, who have been cast out and also live in isolation. One day, Broken Wing tracks the settler as he drinks from a brook, and tenderly takes him by the hand, leading him into the pleasures of the flesh that only two men can share in an incredibly erotic, sensuous pairing beautifully photographed under the desert sun. The two are enamored, but No Name's feelings of exclusion and abandonment grow, and he decides violence is the solution to his hurt. No Name and Broken Wing fight, resulting in more sexual encounters, tense drama, violence, and, finally, a tranquil threeway fantasy sequence. A triumphant commentary on the scarcity of love, and spiritual solution to denial of love.

Featuring: Darryl Hughes (Damon Rosi), Olin, Pasqual (Poco Allen)

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