Old Reliable 38: Arkansas Luggage


Old Reliable 38: Arkansas Luggage

Categories: 1980s, Black, J/O, Latino, Long Hair, Masculine, solo, Young Men

Men are encouraged to strip, show off their muscles, masturbate, and talk about their experiences in this classic Old Reliable video. Three young, tough-talking uncut guys (Falcon, Bill Smith, and Jerry) are good ol' boys from Pine Bluff, Arkansas who goof around, flex, and jack off together; Robert is a black man adorned with gold jewelry; Leroy Lovejoy is blond, smooth, and athletic; Terry is a cocky Irish lad who flexes and shadowboxes; Sam is a hairy Palestinian man with a charming smile; tattooed José Garcia nude wrestles with long-haired hillbilly Kenny; and Frankie finishes things off in a long sequence. All these guys (who are mostly muscular, some even beefcakes, though a few scrawny) J/O to climax, talk to the camera, and spend “quality time” with you.

Featuring: Bill Smith, Falcon, Frankie, Jerry, José Garcia, Kenny, Leroy Lovejoy, Robert, Sam, Terry

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