Love A Man With A Mustache 3


Love A Man With A Mustache 3

Categories: 1970s, 1980s, 69, Black, Blowjobs, J/O, Masculine, Sex

Mustaches: sexy, masculine, rugged, rebellious, sophisticated. This Bijou Video original compilation shows of some of the hottest vintage gay porn scenes featuring men with mustaches, with selections from Boys of L.A., A Few Good Men, Grease Monkeys, Ebony Love, Hollywood Liberty, The Night Before, The Best of Bruno Volume 2, and How I Got the Story and highlighting hot mustachioed retrostuds including Bruno, Clint Lockner, Nick Rodgers, Peter Barrie, and Mike DeMarco. (Scene Lockner's Key from The Best of Bruno, Volume 2 provided courtesy of Colt Studio Group.)

Featuring: Bruno, Clint Lockner, Coke Hennessy, Jeff Wells, Jim, Joe Andrews, John Hill, Lee Ryder, Michael Kade, Mike DeMarco, Mike Mitchell, Nick Rodgers, Peter Barrie, Rod, Tom Ross

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