Hard Men at Work


Hard Men at Work

Categories: 1980s, Blowjobs, Latino, Masculine, Sex, Young Men

Big tools in action! The incendiary ingredients in this vintage gay porn feature include one young blond apprentice and a sizzling line-up of front office dudes and tool shop studs all with hot, hot crotches. Danger: Highly explosive material! Handle with care! Cute, cock-hungry blond Peter Waves gets it on with his new boss and macho co-workers in the shop and the office - plus, a few co-workers fool around with each other - in six hot, all-action scenes. Muscle worship, nipple play, rimming, lots of enthusiastic ball-sucking, hard fucking, and more with a great cast that includes Steve Collins, beefcake Mike DeMarco, Paul Howell, and Michael Pacheco!

Featuring: Marc Levy, Michael Pacheco, Mike DeMarco, Paul Howell, Peter Waves, Steve Collins, T.J., Zach

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