Forbidden Dreams


Forbidden Dreams

Categories: 1980s, Bisexual, Blowjobs, Cunnilingus, J/O, Lesbian, Sex, Straight Scene, Transgender

Also known as "Twice a Virgin," this charming '80s porn follows the bisexual sexploits of beautiful blonde trans woman Shannon (aka Catherine Crystal). The movie begins with attractive star Shannon, perched on a desk in business attire, pitching her life story to a "famous author" in hopes of having him write about her. What follows is Shannon's graphically detailing, by flashbacks, of her amorous adventures - a hot solo, a threesome with a couple of sexy women, and paired up with her seductive female physical therapist, a man her therapist considers "the best she's ever had," and a hunky male author - shot both when she has a cock and when she has a pussy. Skilled in the erotic arts, Shannon repeatedly delights her many admirers as they discover that the stunning blonde is a complete and complex carnal creation!

Featuring: Becky Savage, Bo Roberts, Jerry Davis, Kevin Langdon, Lori Saunders, Marc Wallace, Shannon aka Catherine Crystal, Shaun Michelle, Terri Gordon

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