New Zealand Undercovers


New Zealand Undercovers

Categories: 1980s, 69, Blowjobs, Love, Sex, Story, Young Men

Shot on location in New Zealand, this vintage gay sex film stars Jim Bentley as a U.S. government agent sent overseas to try to retrieve stolen film from Russian spies Tim Kramer and Leo Ford (who are mostly preoccupied getting busy with the local guys). Along the way, Bentley falls for his hunky friend, New Zealander Toby Steiner. Also includes a hot locker room sex scene between three soccer players, a mustached New Zealand police chief (Karl Robertson) fucking "Agent 0069" (Vulcan Lain) on his office desk, and more! Directed by Roger Earl. Condoms used.

Featuring: Christian Dreesen, Georgina Beyer, Ian Griggs, Ian Thompson, Jim Bentley, Karl Robertson, Kris Williams, Leo Ford, Nicholas Rhodes, Paul Young, Roger James, Tim Kramer, Toby Steiner, Vulcan Lain

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