All Men Should


All Men Should

Categories: Blowjobs, Latino, Masculine, Sex, Young Men

Robert Prion's models believe very strongly that All Men Should! Cute blond Casper is relaxing on a raft in the pool with his round butt showing, which catches the eye of Wicked, who calls him over for some outdoor sucking, rimming, and fucking. Babyfaced Damien DeAngelo becomes a sexy birthday present for Jay Richards to enjoy, including sucking on Damien's long manhood, eating his asshole, and plowing him until they both explode! Wicked and hottie Randy Vasquez go at it outdoors, with Wicked sucking Randy's big uncut cock and ramming his asshole. Tony Brando can't stop playing with hot Ricardo Diaz's extra thick uncut dick. Tony tells Ricardo to put it up his ass and Ricardo doesn't stop until he shoots all over Tony's face. Scott Spears and Jay Richards are doing construction when in walks Wicked. Soon, the three men are sucking and rimming each other, with Scott power fucking Wicked and Jay ramming Scott until Scott's hairy chest is drenched in hot cum. Once again, Robert Prion doesn't disappoint!

Featuring: Casper, Damien DeAngelo, Jay Richards, Randy Vasquez, Ricardo Diaz, Scott Spears, Tony Brando, Wicked

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